The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program is available to customers in participating utility areas throughout the State of Wisconsin. The inspections include full diagnostic testing and thorough visual inspections of the home.

Scope of Service:

1. Blower door test - to determine just how leaky the house may be, and to locate air leakage locations throughout the home. This test simulates a 20 mph wind from all directions. How tight is your home? Air sealing measures often can solve a wide range of problems in addition to saving on energy costs.

2. Infrared Scanning ¨C By itself, and in conjunction with the blower door test, allows us to locate cold spots and air leakage points or insulation flaws in hidden locations, for example interior chases or inaccessible areas of an attic.

3. Combustion Safety Testing ¨C To make sure your atmospherically vented gas appliances are expelling combustion by-products properly to the outside of the home, and to ensure reasonable levels of carbon monoxide. Back-drafting appliances can be a significant source of water vapor in a home.

4. HVAC Airflow Testing ¨C We may want to measure supply and return airflows from the furnace (if this is how your home is heated) to ensure that the system is reasonably balanced, where comfort is an issue. Balancing of airflows can often improve comfort.

5. Ventilation system testing ¨C In an older home, this may simply mean testing of the bath fans to make sure they are working properly. In newer homes or homes with moisture concerns, more elaborate testing and analysis may be involved.

6. Visual inspection of attics and basements for air leakage and insulation integrity. Also, we have ways of checking wall insulation.

7. A complete written report summarizing our findings, and prioritizing recommended measures. The report may include digital photos and infrared images from our on-site evaluation.

8. Optional: A Home Energy Rating is a computerized Energy-Use Analysis which allows us to estimate savings associated with energy improvements (proposed and/or implemented), calculate HVAC sizing, and occasionally to verify if a home meets an Energy Efficient Mortgage.

9. We can submit Request for Proposals (RFP¡¯s) to experienced and qualified contractors if appropriate based on our findings, with written specifications for the agreed upon measures.

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